a mom and baby exercising together

As expecting moms, it is important to remember that one of the most vital things to maintain during pregnancy is our health. Having a healthy and active body can not only benefit us during pregnancy, but also it can provide numerous benefits afterwards. Studies have shown that it is safe for expecting mothers to continue exercising, provided that they practice proper methods and techniques and follow all their health care provider’s guidelines. So, let’s take a closer look at how you can create your own prenatal exercise routine.

Mom and baby exercising

The first rule of thumb is to start slowly. It is important to begin your workout plan gradually and ease your body into the exercise. This will give your body time to adjust and will help you to avoid overworking yourself. It is also essential to focus on developing your endurance and strength —balance, aerobic exercises, and stretching are all great types of exercises for pregnant women. It is also recommended that you pick exercises that include proper breathing techniques to ensure the best results.

Next, it is important to stay consistent with your routine. It is suggested to exercise five to six days per week, participating in 30 minutes of aerobic activity each day. Additionally, it is important to make sure to warm-up prior to starting any exercise activity, as well as cool down and stretch afterwards. Make sure to also remember to stay hydrated and take short breaks in between exercises to catch your breath. If you want to increase the intensity of your routine, it is suggested to add 5-10 minutes each week.

Finally, in order to build a safe and effective prenatal exercise routine, it is important to follow certain guidelines. Despite being able to participate in many activities, it is important to avoid activities that put you at risk of falls, such as contact sports, activities with jerking or bouncing motions, or activities that require you to hold your breath. Exercises like walking, water aerobics, or cycling are typically safe activities for pregnant women.

Hopefully these tips have helped you to learn about how to create your own prenatal exercise routine. Remember that exercise is an essential part of keeping your body healthy throughout your pregnancy and beyond. So, don’t forget to get up and move!

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