A baby sitting on the floor crawling towards a cabinet with safety latches and locks installed

Babies are bundles of joy, but they can also be bundles of destruction. As they become more mobile, they have a tendency to get into places they shouldn’t be or grab anything and everything within their reach. This makes it incredibly important to baby-proof your home so that your little one is safe. Listed below are some essential safety measures you should consider taking to child-proof your home, ensuring that your growing infant stays safe.

Install safety latches and locks on all cabinets.When your baby starts to crawl, they will begin investigating every inch of the house. One of their favorite tasks is to try and get into cabinets. Installing safety latches and locks will prevent them from accessing potential hazards like cleaning supplies, sharp objects, or breakable items. Not to mention that if left unlocked, your baby will quickly turn your kitchen into a giant mess.

Use corner and edge bumpers around furniture.Babies often use furniture to help them stand and practice their walking. But with furniture comes hard edges and corners. Edge and corner bumpers help to soften these potentially sharp points and protect your baby should they take a tumble. You should apply bumpers to all furniture that could pose a risk, including coffee tables, end tables, and bookshelves.

Place outlet covers in unused outlets. Small children love to stick things in outlets. Even if you have child-safe outlets, it’s still a good idea to cover up any unused outlets to avoid electrocution.

Secure all furniture to the wall. Whether it’s installing brackets to the back of a dresser or mounting a large flat-screen TV, securing furniture to the wall can prevent accidents. Unsecured furniture can easily tip over or fall if jostled, which can cause injury to your baby.

Use window guards. Window guards help to ensure that your baby can’t accidentally open a window and fall out. Window guards are relatively inexpensive and take minutes to install. They can provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your infant will be kept safe.

Keep cords and wires out of reach. Electrical cords and wires are tempting for curious babies who like to mouth and chew on things. Keeping cords and wires tucked away and out of reach can help to eliminate the risk of electrical shocks.

As your baby grows, your safety measures will need to evolve with them. Keep up-to-date on new safety products, and never be too comfortable with your current home set up. With these simple steps, you can give yourself the peace of mind that your growing infant will stay safe in your home.

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