Expectant mom holding her baby bump

When you are expecting, it’s important to consider different options for a comfortable birth experience. A birth plan gives you the opportunity to think through these preferences and share your wishes with the medical staff who will be helping with your delivery. Consider the following tips when creating a birth plan.

Start planning early. It is ideal to have your birth plan created by the second trimester. Talk to your doctor about the various birthing options and take some time to decide which preferences are important to you. You and your partner should discuss any potential changes or challenges that could come up during labor.

Be clear in your preferences. To make sure your wishes are followed, you should be detailed and specific about what you want. This should include any preferences you have for medications, vaccines, interventions, and monitoring. Make sure to include both you and your partner’s preferences and designate a primary decision-maker if needed.

Consider postpartum care and recovery. Don’t forget to incorporate your plans for postpartum care and recovery. This could include requests for skin-to-skin contact, birth control options, the type of environment you would like, and your views on circumcision. Additionally, consider who will be present during the birth and in the recovery room.

Create a backup plan. Along with your ideal birth plan, include a “backup plan” of what you would like to happen if additional medical attention is necessary. Prepare yourself and your partner for unexpected events and plan for how you will handle them.

Creating a birth plan is an important part of preparing for your baby’s arrival. Though no one can predict the outcome of labor, having a plan in place can help ease your worries and ensure you and your baby are taken care of during delivery.

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