Two smiling babies playing

As a parent, we know how important it is to have fun with our little ones. Not only does playing together help build strong bonds between parent and child, but it also helps promote active learning and development. Whether you have a newborn, or a toddler, there are plenty of ways to have fun with your baby.

Babies playing

Start by getting down on their level – literally! When you’re at eye-level with your baby, it’s easier for them to interact with you, both verbally and nonverbally. Some of the best bonding activities can take place on the floor, so get comfortable!

Toys can provide endless fun for babies of any age. There are plenty of age-appropriate options to choose from, designed to provide stimulation and encourage learning. For newborns, try rattles or musical toys that let your baby explore sound. If your little one is a bit older, look for toys that can help them learn to stack, match, and problem-solve. And don’t forget about simple toys like stuffed animals – these can be great for developing language, as well as providing comfort.

You don’t need fancy toys to have fun with your baby. Everyday objects like pots, pans, and wooden spoons can provide hours of entertainment. Try banging them together, while also pointing out colours or shapes. Look through photo albums together, too, or have a picnic in the living room. This will help your baby become familiar with everyday objects, and encourage communication.

When all else fails, wrap up your baby in a blanket and sway back and forth to some favourite tunes. Often, the simplest forms of interaction are the most enjoyable.

Remember, having fun with your baby doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Keep it simple – and enjoy the moment!

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