Woman applying natural moisturizer to her face

Being pregnant brings about many emotions – happiness, excitement, and even a bit of apprehension. Pregnancy also brings hormonal changes that can cause various physical alterations, such as skin changes. As a result, it’s important to pay special attention to your skincare routine while pregnant.

As your body experiences the ups and downs of pregnancy, you may experience increased inflammation that can lead to blemishes, redness, and dryness. Lucky for you, there are several ways to keep your skin in check throughout your pregnancy journey.

Here are some tips to help you achieve a healthy glow with your pregnancy skincare routine:

  • Drink plenty of water: Dehydration can contribute to dryness and sensitivity, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Minimize sugar intake: An increase in sugar can contribute to inflammation, leading to a host of skin issues.
  • Be gentle on your skin: Avoid too much exfoliation and hot showers, as this could dry out your skin and leave it feeling irritated.
  • Moisturize often: Choose a natural, hypoallergenic moisturizer and apply it often throughout the day.
  • Use natural ingredients: Natural ingredients like honey, oatmeal, and yogurt can be very soothing and nourishing for your skin.
  • Wear sunscreen: Be sure to wear sunscreen when you’re out in the sun, as ultraviolet rays can do damage to your skin.
  • Get enough sleep: Sleep is essential for overall health and can have a positive impact on your skin.

Following these tips will help you maintain a healthy glow during your pregnancy. But remember, if you experience any skin issues, it’s always best to talk to your health care provider.

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