A mom and her newborn baby

Are you expecting a new baby soon? When it comes time to take your newborn home from the hospital, be prepared with the right bag! Having all the essentials for your baby’s first days will help make this exciting transition a lot smoother. Here’s a list of the must-haves to remember when packing the newborn baby bag: Diapers – The type and size of diapers you need depend on the weight of your baby. Stock up on newborn sizes for the start. Changing pad – With all the diaper changes you’ll have to make, having a handy changing pad is essential. Wipes – Keep wipes handy around the house and in the diaper bag. Diaper cream – Use this to help keep your baby’s skin soft and free from diaper rash. Baby blanket – Bring a light receiving blanket as an extra layer of warmth and comfort for your little one. Clothes – Pack 1-2 sleepers, a hat, and a few other comfortable outfits. Pacifier – This can be helpful for soothing your baby.Feeding supplies – If you’re breastfeeding, pack nursing pads, a burp cloth, and any other items that may be helpful. Toys – To avoid overstimulation, pack just 1-2 small toys, such as a rattle or teether. First aid kit – Include some infant pain reliever, thermometer, nail clippers, and any other items you may need in an emergency. Bibs – Keep bibs in the bag for any feeding spills. Bottles – If you’re planning to bottle feed, bring a few bottles of formula or breastmilk. By packing a well-stocked newborn baby bag ahead of time, you can spend more time enjoying your bundle of joy once they’ve arrived!

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